Diana & Jen - Agent Training (2) ($5.70)

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Diana and Jen are waiting for their next lessons. The trainer sends an injection to their necks and Diana's eyes start to roll back. After a moment she faints backwards. Now Jen's eyes roll back and she faints too. When both wake up again the trainer sends an injection from the distance. Both eyes roll back and they pass out again. Now the trainer removes their shoes and poses her soles to the cam. After a while Diana and Jen wake up and the trainer wants to show them the sleeperhold. He does it on Diana and after a moment her eyes roll back. She faints in his arms and he wakes her up again. Another short hold makes her pass out over his shoulder. He is carried around and then he uses the sleeperhold on Jen. She also faints over his shoulder and is carried around. While both are asleep one can take a nice look at her soles. After a moment both wake up and Jen tries the sleeperhold on Diana. It works so Diana faints and is lowered to the ground. She wakes up after a while and now she tries the sleeperhold on Jen. Jen faints and is lowered to the ground. After a moment Jen wakes up again and both lay down on the couch waiting for their next lesson.

Release Date 2009-06-02
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 8:30 minutes
Price $5.70
Agent YES
Eyeroll YES
Two Girls YES

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