Mel - Superagent Training Mission (1) ($4.28)

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The instructor welcomes Agent Mel and tells her about the mission. She slips out of her shoes and one can take a nice look at her soles while both are talking. The instructor offers a beverage and Mel agrees and Mel's eyes start to roll. After a moment she faints with a nice moan. The instructor does an eyecheck and after a moment Mel wakes up. The instructor offers another beverage and Mel demands to exchange the glasses. But in the end she get the same glass and again her eyes start to roll. She faints on the couch and the instructor poses her feet to the cam. When she wakes up she is ordered to find the instructor. She is looking for him and suddenly a punch to her chin makes her turn around. Her eyes start to roll and finally she faints on the floor. While asleep her feet are posed to the cam once again.

Release Date 2008-11-20
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 6:50 minutes
Price $4.28
Agent YES
Eye Check YES
Eyeroll YES

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