Jen & Maria - Agent KO's in Pantyhose & Barefoot ($5.70)

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Agent Maria get's the order to hide some secret documents and afterwards she takes a nap. Agent Jen enters the room looking for the documents. When Maria wakes up, she sneaks at Jen and sends a punch to her chin. After Jen faints Maria calls her boss to tell him, that she has knocked her out. But then Jen wakes up and sends her famous neckchop to Maria. Jen ties fainted Maria's hands and tickles her soles to find out where the documents are. She can free herself and now Jen is tied and her soles are tickled. In the end both end with tied hands and sleepy at the couch.

Release Date 2010-09-29
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 8:30 minutes
Price $5.70
Boots YES
Eyeroll YES
Female Fighting YES
Neck Chop YES
Nylons YES
Two Girls YES

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