Mel - Superagent Training Mission (2) ($4.28)

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Mel's next training level is boxing. She and the trainer start a match and a punch to her chin makes her turn around. Her eyes start to roll and she faints on the floor. The trainer wakes her up and wants her to take another punch without passing out. He sends a hit to her chin but once again her eyes roll back and she faints backwards. After a moment she wakes up and moves to the upper floor. The trainer awaits her with a heavy ball and let it fall to her head. Mel's eyes roll back and she faints on the floor. When she wakes up she is looking for the trainer. She runs against a door and passout on on the floor again. The trainer poses her feet to the cam now. When she is back on her feet the trainer shakes hands with her, but there was an injection in his hand. Mel's eyes roll back and she faints one last time.

Release Date 2009-05-18
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 6:30 minutes
Price $4.28
Boots YES
Boxing YES
Eyeroll YES

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