Ariel - Barefoot Secretary Under Control ($9.27)

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Secretary Ariel enter the Mad Scientists rooms and he asks her to take a look at his websites. Suddendly a sprial appears and Ariel is under his control now. He wants her to but on a belly dancer costume and walk like a sleepwalker. Then he sends her to his twin brother Dr Fun to rob his smartphone. The mission fails, so he brings her under control by a magic ring. Now he wants her to change the dress and sends her to Dr Funs house again to install a webcam. It fails as well and the Mad Scientist asks Ariel put on her secretary outfit again. In the end he wants her to send a message to all her friends, inviting them to his house. During the clip the Mad Scientist makes Ariel faint a lot of time and while asleep her bare feet and soles are posed to the cam.

Release Date 2020-03-15
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Filetype mp4
Duration 18:45 minutes
Price $9.27
Control YES
Fainting YES
Sleepwalking YES

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