Tanya - Under Control (Black Stockings & Barefoot) ($7.85)

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Secretary Tanya enters the room of the Mad Scientist and he brings her under his control by using a spiral. When he snips with his finger, she faints. He often does an eyecheck and her eyes are rolled back in the head. After she walks like a sleepwalker, he uses his magic ring a few times to bring her under control again. He wants her to put on a belly dancer costume. After another sleepwalk (unfortunately this scene is blurry), she puts on her stockings and secretary outfit again. She is put back to sleep and the Mad Scientist removes her stockings. She then leaves the room without remembering anything.

Release Date 2020-01-12
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Filetype mp4
Duration 13:50 minutes
Price $7.85
Control YES
Eye Check YES
Fainting YES
Stockings YES

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