Angel - Barefoot Spy Controlled ($7.85)

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Angel is sleeping in her bedroom, when she hears the Mad Scientist's lullaby song. She is under his control now and he sends her to his enemy Dr. Fun to install a spy cam. Angel slips into a bunny costume, moves over to Dr. Fun's house and tells him, that she needs to clean his rooms. Dr. Fun can't be fooled, so he used a magic flash, brings Angel under his control and sends her back. The Mad Scientist controls Angel two more times and she tries to install another spy cam using two different outfits. While asleep her feet and soles are posed to the cam.

Release Date 2014-10-06
Resolution FULL HD (1920 x 1080)
Filetype mp4
Duration 14:30 minutes
Price $7.85
Control YES
Crossed Eyes YES
Lingerie YES
Supergirl YES

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