Kesia - Waitress Fainting in Fishnets ($4.28)

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Waitress Kesia enters the room wearing high heels. She asked a guy, what he wants to order. He orders 5 knockouts and Kesia looks confused. He takes a giant hammer and hits Kesia on her head. After hearing birdies she ends asleep on the floor. Now her shows are removed. She wakes up, gets back on her feet and waits for the next order. This time she gets a hit on her head with a giant bat. Hearing cuckoos she goes to her knees, rolls her eyes and faints forward on the floor. Now the guy makes an eycheck and her eyes are totally rolled to the back of the head. After waking up again one can see her fishnet feet from different angles. Third order is knockout with a boxing glove that makes her eyes roll again. She falls backwards with her feet in the air and she finally ends spread eagled on the floor. Kesia wakes up again and is ordered to catch a boxing glove. She missed it and it hits her head. She goes to her knees and rolls her eyes. The next boxing glove hits her hand, she raises her forefinger and while saying "ah" she faints forward. Now her fishnet soles are posed to the cam. She makes it back to her feet again and hears the guy saying that he isn't hungry anymore. Still very weak she puts her hand on the forehead, says "fine" and faints backwards on the floor. She raises her head on the ground and a boxing glove falls on her. With a final long eyeroll and a moan she goes back to dreamland again.

Release Date 2008-06-21
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 6:55 minutes
Price $4.28
Eyeroll YES
Slapstick KOs YES
Waitress YES

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