Cathy - Schoolgirl KO in Black Pantyhose (1) ($4.28)

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Schoolgirl Cathy sits on the couch when a guy enters the scene. He tells her that her father wanted him to fulfill all of her wishes. She wants to watch TV and the guy brings the remote control. After a moment she wants him to bring a magazine and she starts to read. Then she orders a beverage and orders the guy to count her money. After a moment her eyes roll back and she faints. The guy removes her white socks and fills a socks with coins. When Cathy wakes up she is very angry that she was put to sleep. When she stands up to call her father the guy hits her head with the sock of coins. Cathy staggers around, hears cuckoos and faints in the arms of the guy. She is lowered to the ground and the guy poses her feet to the cam. After a moment she wakes up and gets another hit on her head with the coins. Her eyes roll back and she faints again. Now the guy drags her aways and while asleep he removes one of her stockings.

Release Date 2010-03-03
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 6:30 minutes
Price $4.28
Dragging YES
Eyeroll YES
Nylons YES
Schoolgirl YES

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