Cathy - Sleepy Barefoot Secretary ($4.28)

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Secretary Cathy is working in the office when a guy offers her a drink. There is a sleepy liquid inside and after a moment she gets sleepy. Her eyes roll back and she faints. The guy removes her shoes now and one can take a look at her feet. After a moment she wakes up and looks for some documents. When she stands up her eyes roll back and she faints on the floor. The guy does an eyecheck now. When Cathy wakes up she puts her feet on a chair and drinks again. After a moment her eyes roll back and she faints. The guy poses her soles to the cam now. When she wakes up she faints again. Finally she takes her shoes and leaves the room.

Release Date 2009-08-27
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 6:30 minutes
Price $4.28
Eyeroll YES
Fainting YES

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