Nicky - Under Control Robot Model Rule the World ($4.99)

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Nicky enters the room and the mad scientist welcomes her with a magic ring. She puts it on and sits down on the couch watching TV. The mad scientist activates the ring and Nicky says "yes master". He tells her, that she is totally under his control now and he wants her to take a nap. She faints on the couch then. The ring is activated again and Nicky wakes up saying "you called master". The scientist gives her a hammer and wants her to tear down the wall of a bank. She hits her head accidentally and faints. The scientist makes her wake up and she tries to tear down the wall with the hammer. She can't make it, so the scientist wants her to rob the bank in a classic way. She leaves and returns with a bag of money. She mad scientist doesn't need her for the moment, so he orders her to faint. She does but wakes up after a while. She can't remember the scientist and wants to leave. Now he activates the ring and Nicky is under his control again. He now wants her to go to bed and so she leaves. When she lays on the bed the ring is activated again. Nicky says "on your command master" and the scientist wants her to sort his shoes. She does and afterwards the scientist wants her to fall asleep again.

Release Date 2009-08-14
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 7:30 minutes
Price $4.99
Control YES

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