Naddl - Schoolgirl KO in Black Pantyhose (1) ($4.99)

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Schoolgirl Naddl sits bored on the couch when a guy enters the scene. He tells her that her father wanted him to fulfill all of her wishes. She wants to read a magazine and he brings it to her. After reading a bit she removes her shoes and wants to watch TV. The guy activates the TV and Naddl puts her feet on the table. After a moment she wants him to count her money and then she orders a drink. The guy puts a sleepy liquid inside and Naddl drinks. After a moment her eyes roll back and she faints. The guy removes her white socks and fills one of her socks with the coins. When Naddl wakes up she finds the sock and she is very angry now. She stands up to call her father when the guy throws the sock of coins and hits her head. Naddl staggers around, hears little birdies and faints. She is lowered to the ground now. After a while she wakes up and moves to the door. Suddenly the door opens and it hits her head. She turns around, hears cuckoos and then she slides down the door while passing out. The guy comes in and wakes her up. She can't remember who he is and then she faints again. The guy drags her away and put the coins into a box. When Naddl wakes up, the box falls down accidentally. It hits her head and she looks stunned while she hears little birdies. After a moment she faints again.

Release Date 2009-07-23
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 7:30 minutes
Price $4.99
Eyeroll YES
Nylons YES
Schoolgirl YES
Socks YES

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