Steffi - High Heels KO & Carry (1) ($4.99)

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Steffi enters a shoe store and the owner shows her the newest shoes. He wants her to take a look while he needs to leave. Steffi slips into a pair of shoes and walks up and down. After a while she decides to rob the shoes and tries to leave the store. The owner awaits her with a giant hammer and sends a hit to her head. Steffi hears little birdies and her eyes start to roll. After a moment she faints in the arms of the guy and is carried around. He lays her back on the couch and after he removes her shoes he poses her soles to the cam. When Steffi wakes up she is still very dizzy, so her eyes roll back and she faints again. After a while she stands up and slips into another pair of shoes. Once again she tries to leave but when she opens the door the owner sends a punch with a boxing glove to her chin. She turns around, hears cuckoos and faints in the arms of the guy while she losts her shoes. Again she is carried around and layed back on the couch. Then her soles are posed to the cam. She wakes up and faints again. Then she tries on another pair of high heels and starts a third try.

Release Date 2009-07-02
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 7:30 minutes
Price $4.99
Armcarry YES
Eyeroll YES
High Heels YES

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