Nicky - Barefoot vs. Invisible Man ($6.42)

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A guy tries out his new invention that makes him invisible for females. He moves over to Nicky but she can't see him. Then he tickles her soles. Afterwards he talks to her and Nicky is so scared that she faints. When she wakes up she continues reading a magazine. The guy tickles her soles again. Nicky is scared and after a moment she faints backwards. The guy raises her legs and she wakes up. She moves over to the bar and takes a drink while the guy takes a look at her soles. Nicky now reads a magazine laying in a lounger. The guy tickles her a few times and when he speaks to her she faints again. When Nicky wakes up she moves over to the couch and takes a nap. The guy removes the blanket and plays with her feet. He tickles her feet again and she wakes up. When she hears his voice she faints once more. She makes it back to her feet but the guy scares her again and she faints backwards with her legs in the air.

Release Date 2009-03-25
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 10:25 minutes
Price $6.42
Eyeroll YES
Fainting YES
Tickling YES

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