Steffi - Neck Exposure (1) ($5.70)

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Steffi enters the room in high heels and sits down on the couch reading a magazine. Afer a while she takes of her shoes and lays on the couch, so one can take a nice look at her bare feet and soles. She gets tired and so she takes a nap while her neck is over the edge of the couch. A guy wakes her up and offers her a sleepy drink. She takes it and after a moment her eyes roll back and she faints. Now her neck is posed to the cam. When she wakes up a hit with a blackjack sends her back to sleep. Again her neck is poses to the cam. Now the guy carries her around and lays her down on the ground so one can take another nice look to her neck. Steffi stands up, but a neckchop let her eyes roll back and she faints in the arms of the guy. Once again she is carried around.

Release Date 2008-12-19
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 8:55 minutes
Price $5.70
Armcarry YES
Eyeroll YES
Fainting YES
Neck Exposure YES

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