Nicky - Barefoot Robot Under Control (1) ($4.28)

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Nicky lays on the floor with her feet in the air. A guy enters the scene and asks her to remove her socks, so he could take a look at her bare feet. She refuses and after a while the guy returns with a laptop. Nicky takes a look and she sees a spiral that turns her into a robot. The guy tells her that she is under his control and she needs to do anything he wants. He orders her to remove her socks and after saying "yes master" she does it so one can take a look at her bare soles. After a while the guy orders a beverage and Nicky brings it to him. He makes her stand at the wall and wants her to fall asleep. Her eyes roll back and she slides down the wall. The guy wakes her up and wants her to pass out more slowly. Nicky's eyes start to roll and she faints with a moan. Then the guy orders her to read in the magazine and while she does one can take a look at her bare feet again.

Release Date 2008-09-15
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 6:50 minutes
Price $4.28
Control YES
Eyeroll YES
Stockings YES

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