Steffi - Head KO's (2) ($6.42)

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Steffi sits on the couch reading a magazine when she is hit on her head with a blackjack. She faints and a guy starts to remove her shoes. She wakes up but anonther hit makes her eyes roll back and she faints with a nice moan. The guy removes one of her socks and then Steffi wakes up again holding her head. Another hit sends her back to dreamland. Now the other sock is removed and her bare soles are posed to the cam. After a while Steffi wants to leave the room but the door is locked. She is hit again from behind and she staggers around. Another hit let her eyes roll back and she faints in the arms of the guy. He carries her around and lays her back on the couch. She wakes up and tries to leave again. She guy holds a phaser and sends a hit with it to her neck. While her eyes roll back she faints on the floor. She it hit 3 more times and in the end she is carried over the shoulder.

Release Date 2008-06-21
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 10:05 minutes
Price $6.42
Armcarry YES
Eyeroll YES
Socks YES

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