Silvi - Carried OTS in Jeans ($6.42)

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A guy gets a phone call and a friend tells him, that he will be kidnapped by a super agent soon. When the doorbell rings he takes a bat and waits for the super agent entering the room. Then he hits her head with the bat and her eyes begin to roll back. She staggers around and finally she faints over his shoulder. While she is on his shoulder he calls his friend telling him that he got her. After a while he realized that he didn't knocked out the super agent but the pizza girl instead. So each time she wakes up he knocks her out to have enough time to solve this problem. Afterwards he poses her feet to the cam. When Silvi wants to leave a neckchop sends her back to dreamland and she ends over his shoulder again. Back on the couch the soles of the sleepy Silvi are posed to the cam. She makes it back to her feet and a punch with a boxing glove makes her turn around. With a nice eyeroll she faints over the guy's shoulder and he leaves the room.

Release Date 2008-06-21
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 10:40 minutes
Price $6.42
Eyeroll YES
Jeans YES

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