Jing & Mel - KO in Socks (1) ($5.70)

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Mel enters the room and Jing sends a hit to her head with an empty bottle. Mels eyes roll back and she faints on the floor. Jing removes her own socks and removes one of Mels socks afterwards. After posing Mels feet to the cam she puts on Mels sock and her own socks. Mel wakes up and sends a punch to Jings chin. After a moment Jing faints on the floor. Now Mel removes her own socks and one of Jings socks. She touches Jings bare feet and puts on the sock afterwards. Then she puts on her own socks and leaves the room.

Release Date 2008-06-21
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 8:40 minutes
Price $5.70
Eyeroll YES
Female Fighting YES
Punching YES
Socks YES
Two Girls YES

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