Nicky - KOed in Tan Pantyhose (2) ($4.99)

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Nicky wakes up laying in a sofa. A guy enters the scene and tries a neck grip on her, that makes her passout. She is carried over the shoulder and layed down on the couch. The guy does an eyecheck to make sure she is out. When she wakes up she gets an injection to her neck. Her eyes roll back and she faints. Now her feet are posed for a while. She wakes up and the guy tells her that he doesn't have anything to knock her out again. Answering that nothing is needed to knock her out and that she will faint, she faints with her eyes rolled back. Now her nylon soles are posed to the cam. She wakes up and tries to leave the room, but she is hit by a sleepy dart. After saying "ouch" she faints on the floor. She wakes up again and the guy tries his new phaser on her. Nicky's eyes roll back and she faints. Now her pantyhose is removed and one can see her bare feet. She wakes up and makes it to her feet, just to get a hit to her head with a bottle. She moans and faints in the arms of the guy. Now she is carried again.

Release Date 2008-06-21
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Filetype mp4
Duration 07:50 minutes
Price $4.99
Armcarry YES
Eyeroll YES
Nylons YES

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