Nicky - Magic Ring - Waitress Under Control ($4.28)

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Waitress Nicky enters a room where the mad scientist sits on a couch. He tells her, that she is the best waitress he knows. Because of that he gives a ring to Nicky. She puts the ring on and sits down on the couch. The scientist now has a remote control in his hand and when he pushes it the ring blinks. Nicky is under his control now. He wants her to stand up and Nicky does saying 'yes master'. Now he wants her to walk like a sleepwalker. After saying "yes master" Nicky begins to walk around. The mad scientist orders her to faint and Nicky faints backwards on the couch. After a moment the ring blinks and Nicky wakes up again saying 'you called master'. He wants her to remove her shoes and after saying 'yes master' she removes her high heels. Now she is ordered to do some training on the bike and she does. One can see her bare soles while she is sitting on the bike. After a while the mad scientist wants her to go to sleep and after repeating this order she leaves the room. Nicky sleeps in the bedroom and the scientist poses her feet to the cam. Then he activates the ring and Nicky wakes up. He wants to make sure, that she is under his control and wants her to faint. After saying 'yes master...faint' her eyes roll back and she faints backwards. Once again the ring is activated and Nicky wakes up. She is ordered to leave the room and after saying 'yes master" she stands up and goes away.

Release Date 2008-06-21
Resolution SD (720 x 576)
Filetype wmv
Duration 6:30 minutes
Price $4.28
Control YES
Eyeroll YES
High Heels YES
Sleepwalking YES
Waitress YES

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