Nicky - Secretary Under Control (1) ($3.56)

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Secretary Nicole enters the room wearing high heels and black fishnet stockings. One can see her feet and her legs when her boss enters the room. He suggests to try a magic pendant to make her relax but she just smiles when she follows the pendant. After a while her eyes become heavy and finally they roll back and she falls asleep. The guy tells her, that she will do anything he demands. He makes her stand up and tells her to faint. She faints forward over his shoulder and is carried arround. After a while she wakes up and is put back on her feet. Once again the guy wants her to faint and she falls backwards on the couch with a nice moan. You can take a look at her fishnet legs and feet while she is asleep. Now her boss wants her to take of the shoes and she follows his command. Finally she sits there to awaite the next orders.

Release Date 2008-06-21
Resolution SD (720 x 576)
Filetype avi
Duration 4:45 minutes
Price $3.56
Control YES
Eyeroll YES
Fishnets YES

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