Alina - KOed & Carried OTS ($6.42)

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Alina lays on the couch, when a guy enters the room. He tells her, that he is an actor and he needs to carry a woman within his next movie, so he could need some practise. He sends a hit to her head with a bat, so she faints and falls over his shoulder. First she is carried in high heels, tan stockings, later in blue jeans. Overall there are 4 carrying scenes and 5 head kos and one can see Alina's eyes rolled or crossed. While asleep Alina's feet and soles are posed to the cam.

Release Date 2018-01-21
Resolution FULL HD (1920 x 1080)
Filetype mp4
Duration 9:20 minutes
Price $6.42
Crossed Eyes YES
Eyeroll YES
High Heels YES
Jeans YES
Stockings YES

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