Ricci - Barefoot Costume Rob Under Control ($9.27)

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A belly dancer enters the room of Dr Fun telling him, that she was sent by a friend. He doesn't trust her, so he brings her under his control with a magic flash. After finding out, that she was sent by The Mad Scinetist, he asks her to faint. Will asleep he removes her clothes and poses her bare feet and soles. After being sent her back, she returns with an agent outfit to arrest Dr Fun for being to funny. Again he uses the flash to control her and after putting her to sleep and posing her soles to the cam he ties her on the couch. She can free herself just to get under his control again. She returns and tries to attack Dr Fun with a new costume. But he already awaites her, so she gets under his control once more. He removes her costume, makes her faint again and poses her soles to the cam. Afterwards he asks her to walk like a sleepwalker. While asslep there are some eyechecks.

Release Date 2017-10-22
Resolution FULL HD (1920 x 1080)
Filetype mp4
Duration 17:40 minutes
Price $9.27
Control YES
Eye Check YES
Eyeroll YES
Fainting YES
Lingerie YES
Uniform Stealing YES

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